Silicon wafers and III-V substrates
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Description Silicon wafers, SEMI Prime, P/E 4"Ø×525±25μm, SEMI Flats (two),
n-type Si:As[100]±0.5°, Ro=(0.001-0.005)Ohmcm,
One-side-polished, back-side Alkaline etched,
TTV<10μm, Bow/Warp<40μm;
Two wafers with layer of Al2O3, ~0.05μm thick, and
one wafer with layer of Al2O3, ~0.10μm thick;
each wafer with a matrix of dots of Polycrystalline Silicon, over Al2
each dot 2mmØ and 0.10±0.01μm thick, dots spaced 6mm apart,
center to center, so as to have the most dots on a wafer;
dots made by sputtering through metal mask,
50% of dots doped to be p-type Ro<0.020Ohmcm, and
50% of dots doped to be n-type Ro<0.010Ohmcm.
Made by ITME, sealed in Empak or equivalent cassettes.

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