Updated 23 October 2000

Multi-Layer 3-5 Material EPI


The Institute for Electronic Materials Technology (ITME) in Warsaw, Poland is able to undertake the preparation of custom EPI layers (one or multi-layer structures) on any 3-5 materials and they activly seek such work. Please contact us for a quotation for a specific structure.

As an example of a routinely produced EPI wafer we quote:

180.    1       Wafer 2" with  InGaAs   EPI on SI InP <100>, by MOCVD deposition
                    Substrate: Semi-Insulating InP (eg. InP:Fe),
                                       Resistivity: > 1 x 10E7 Ohm cm,  EDP < 1 x 10E4/cm2)
                    EPI:             Lattice matched In/Ga alloy layer of n-type InGaAs
                                       Nc > 2 x 10E18/cc (using Si as dopant)
                                       Thickness: 0.5 um (+20%)

            Price:      $1,200.00 each (for 1 to 10 wafers),
            Delivery: 5 weeks ARO

For more information contact EL-CAT Inc. at sales@el-cat.com.

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