Silicon wafers and III-V substrates

EL-CAT Inc. is a stocking distributor of Silicon Wafers, Compound Semiconductors and other other materials for electronics.
EL-CAT Inc. is a manufacturer of specialty Silicon Wafers (as Custom Silicon Wafers).
EL-CAT Inc. is an integrator of services of cooperating manufacturers in creating semiconductor structures that require multiple materials or processing steps (Silicon wafers with Oxide and Nitride coatings, Base or Noble metal layers, Epi structures, etc.).

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Specially Priced Wafers:
6"Ø SOI wafers, Device: Si:B[100](0.05-0.10)Ωcm, 15μm thick
P/E 2"Ø×330μm p-type Si:B[111] (5-10)Ωcm
P/E 3"Ø×380μm n-type Si:As[111] (0.001-0.005)Ωcm
P/E 4"Ø×525μm p-type Si:B[111-3.0°] (0.010-0.020)Ωcm
P/E 4"Ø×525μm p-type Si:B[111-3.5°] (0.007-0.009)Ωcm
P/E 4"Ø×525μm n-type Si:Sb[111-3.0°] (0.008-0.020)Ωcm
P/E 4"Ø×525μm n-type Si:As[111-4.0] (0.001-0.005)Ωcm
P/E 5"Ø×625μm n-type Si:As[100] (0.001-0.007)Ωcm
P/E 6"Ø×625μm p-type Si:B[111-3.0°] (0.010-0.020)Ωcm
P/E 6"Ø×508μm n-type Si:As[111-4.0°] (0.0023-0.0026)Ωcm
P/P 4"Ø×630μm SI InP:Fe[100] Ro>1E7 Ωcm
P/P 6"Ø×680μm SI InP:Fe[100] Ro>1E7 Ωcm
P/E 48mmØ×280μm n-type GaP:S[100-2°] Nc=(0.48-1.60)E18/cc
2"Ø×430±25μm Sapphire[C] wafers
Front side epi-ready polished, backside fine-ground
TTV<10μm, Bow/Warp<10μm
Front Surface Roughness <0.3nm
Back surface roughness (0.8-1.2)μm
Chips<3 @ 0.2mm
$19.60 each, in cassettes of 25 wafers
Silicon Tubes for CVD furnaces
for Temperatures at which Silica softens
Made from Semiconductor-grade Silicon,
undoped or doped (n-type or p-type)
Up to 220±3mm Ø, Up to 2,200mm long
Wall thickness 5 to 20mm as grown.
Cost: ~$350.00/Kg
Silicon Tube 1a Silicon Tube 3a

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