Silicon wafers and III-V substrates

EL-CAT Inc. is a stocking distributor of Silicon Wafers, Compound Semiconductors and other Crystal Materials for use in electronics.

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Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Cells 156×156 mm 6M200-3bb
Solar Cell Electrical Characteristics (Class 8.58):
Efficiency: > 18.8 %;   P max (Mpp): 4.51 W
Voltage (Voc): 0.636 V
Current (Isc): 9.06 A;   Current (Vfix): 8.58 A
Operating Temperature: -40 to +85°C

Mechanical Properties:
Format: 156×156±0.5 mm;   Diagonal: 200±0.5 mm
Cell area: ~240 cm²;      Cell thickness: 200±30 Ám
With solder pads, back-side metallization,
    SiN anti-reflection coating
Packed in cartons of 100 cells
Price: $3.25 each (in quantity of 5,000), FOB Ridgefield Park, NJ
Price: $180.00 for Experimenter's Kit of 18 cells
2"Ø×430±25μm Sapphire[C] wafers
Front side epi-ready polished, backside fine-ground
TTV<10μm, Bow/Warp<10μm
Front Surface Roughness <0.3nm
Back surface roughness (0.8-1.2)μm
Chips<3 @ 0.2mm
$19.60 each, in cassettes of 25 wafers
Silicon Tubes for CVD furnaces
for Temperatures at which Silica softens
Made from Semiconductor-grade Silicon,
undoped or doped (n-type or p-type)
Up to 220±3mm Ø, Up to 2,200mm long
Wall thickness 5 to 20mm as grown.
Cost: ~$350.00/Kg

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