Silicon wafers and III-V substrates

EL-CAT Inc. is a stocking distributor of Silicon Wafers, Compound Semiconductors and other Crystal Materials for use in electronics.

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4" DSP Sapphire[R] wafers
P/P 100.0mmØ×300±15μm
Sapphire (1,-1,0,2)±0.1°, One Flat,
Ra<0.3nm (both sides)
TTV<10μm, TIR<6μm, PC<40@0.5μm
-15μm<Bow<0μm, Warp<35μm,
$195.00 each
8" SSP Silicon wafers, Float-Zone
n-type Si:P[100], Ro =(2,000-6,000)Ohm*cm,
TTV<5μm, TIR<3μm, Bow<20μm, Warp<40μm,
One-side-polished, back-side Alkaline etched, One SEMI NOTCH
$156.00 each

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